Leather Suede Zip Pouch Insert, Suede Pouch


Soft, suede leather zippered pouch. This unlined, suede pouch can be used on its own as an insert for my Catalina Bag (as shown in the photos). This is for the suede zippered pouch only, NOT the hobo bag in the last two photos.
The zippered pouch has snaps on either side that would attach to tabs to the interior of the Catalina bag (I'm working on being able to add it to other bags, shoot me a message if you're interested).
Or, if you just want the pouch, that is possible as well!
12" zippered opening (5MM metal teeth zipper)
9"H x 12.5" W x 2.5" D

Comes in Moss Green, Peach, Ocean Blue, Camel

Suede info: 

Top selection split buffed to a velvet suede for amazing looks, color, and durability.  

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