Monogram Foil Embossing Add-on

Gold or Silver Foil embossing for any item in the shop.

Upon checkout, please 'add a note to your order' letting me know:
1) What to monogram (up to 6 letters - IF YOU WANT MORE, PLS MESSAGE ME FIRST)
2) Where on the item to place the monogram (i.e. front, lower right corner; Front, top center of bag, etc.)

Lettering options:
Opt. A- Small type, approx 3-4mm tall. Best on my smaller items, slim wallets, cardholder, etc. Caps Only; Numbers available in this size only.

Opt. B- 'Block' Font, approx. 10mm tall. Can be done with or without periods between letters. Caps Only

Opt. C- 'Hobo' Font; approx 7mm tall. Can be done with or without period between letters. Caps only

Opt. D. -"later tater' : approx 4-5 mm tall. Caps only

a few notes:
Smaller lettering (Opt. A &D) works best on smaller items
Ask questions if you have them!


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