Leather Blanket Carrier - Blanket optional!


Get ready for all those upcoming music festivals, park picnics, beach chillin', outdoor movie nights.....you get it.  Don't let carrying a blanket weigh you down!  Roll that baby up and carry it in style!  

Introducing the handmade, artisan-crafted, leather blanket toter!  
Featuring adjustable leather straps and an easy-to-carry handle, you've now got the perfect way to bring your blanket with you on the road or keep it stored with style at home.

Leather options are thick durable leather:  Black, Camel. - Can be purchased without the blanket for $35.  

Blanket options are random, due to supply.  I can send you photos of the blankets I have available if you're interesed!  

***All items are made to order, please allow approx. 3-5 days for items to ship.
Please note that I have tried to correctly display the color of the bag, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!***

Not just for blankets!  Carry your yoga mat! 

Many blanket options (I did not make these).  Blankets are approx. 72" L x 50"W.  Made from 100% recycled fibers

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